Activities on
Skyros island



Skyros: A diverse interesting destination

Skyros might be off the tourist radars, but can offer visitors a wealth of activities. Activities in Skyros can offer a unique and unforgettable holiday experience. Skyros has managed to remain an almost untouched insular heaven, with mild winters and cool summers, lush vegetation –as all Sporades islands- magical sandy coves, scenic fishing villages, Medieval remains and a millennia-long and adventurous history, surely worth to explore. 


The island’s coastline is diverse, featuring incredibly beautiful secluded coves with emerald waters, perfect for swimming and relaxation, long sandy beaches, ideal for water sports and especially windsurfing and kitesurfing, as well as sea caves and small islets, ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. Sailing is also very popular and gives visitors the chance to explore pristine and hard to reach beaches and bays.


Hiking and rock climbing are extremely popular among foreign visitors, and no one should miss the opportunity for horseback riding in one of the island’s farms and estates. Moreover, the greatest part of Mount Kochilas is a protected zone with rare fauna and flora, and, thus, ideal for nature observation.


The local gastronomy is quite unique and no one should miss the famous lobster pasta, the fresh fish, dairy products, fava, and thyme honey. Select a small tavern near the water and try the delicious roasted or slow-braised with tomato sauce goat, the cheese pie with frumenty and myzithra cheese, the milk pie, and the grilled mushrooms.