Ammos Hotel in Skyros island offers a wellness spirit to its guests! The significance of health and wellbeing in our lives is well-known. For this reason we constantly provide an overall wellness experience to your holiday. Starting from simple, every day wellness tips on our blackboard, to exclusive massage therapies, yoga classes and personal training. Our new and beautifully designed Ammos Wellness Suite offers innovative treatments, imparting a sense of peace in body, mind, and soul.

Just ask our staff for the treatment that most FITS you and book and appointment.



KINESIOLOGY (60 min): Balance the Mind and Body with kinesiology. An hour of treatment characterized by gentle, light finger massage to various pressure points across the client’s body, in order to relax and soothe affected muscles, tissues and joints. Kinesiology massage therapy offers relief and relaxation by targeting the balance between the body and mind and the vital affect on each other.


HOT STONE MASSAGE (90min): This therapy uses the warmth of hot stones to relax muscles and offer and experience of comforting, deeply relaxing and lighter pressure massage.


AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE (45min): The unique properties of various essential oils are used in combination with hand massage for an enhanced experience of relaxation and physical relief.


THAI MASSAGE (60min): A combination of acupressure, assisted yoga postures and stretch massage. A perfect choice for stress relief, various types of back pain and balance!



YOGA (60min): Derived from the Sanskrit word yuj, Yoga means union of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit. At Ammos Hotel you can enjoy Private session and group classes by the sea and sunset.


PERSONAL TRAINING (60min): Keep up with your fitness and enjoy TRX and Functional Training exercise at your holidays. Just think you can workout by the sea, in the woods or with a view of picturesque chapels of the island. Skyros has beautiful places and we peak the best of it to offer a unique experience of Personal Training.